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Almost all parents are faced with the fact that their child is biting. children begin to bite at the age of one-year-old, this can be explained by the fact that a child has teeth erupting and this is a way of exploring the world around them. 

“Snitching - it’s bad” and “no-one loves a sneak” are phrases that parents say to their children, while some parents may even encourage this behaviour. In this article we want to discuss how parents should behave in such cases and what parents can say to their child.

All people, regardless of age, have things which they are afraid of. Fear is the body’s natural reaction to stimulus that the subconscious sees as danger.

We all know that children are like sponges. They very quickly absorb all the information they hear. Almost definitely, most parents are faced with the fact that their children speak obscene words that they have heard from almost anywhere: at school, in the kindergarten, at home, on the street or on TV. Sometimes it is confusing, and mums and dads do not know how to react to this.

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