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Confidence is, of course, an important quality that every person should have. It is very important to instill this quality in early childhood, and to develop it so that an insecure child does not grow to be an indecisive, insecure, self-doubting person. Many parents cannot immediately identify that their child is not self-confident, and therefore cannot immediately help them cope with uncertainty. It is very important and necessary to cope with it until your child has grown up.

The relationship between parents and children is a complex and important process. Each parent dreams that these relationships are trusting and friendly, that the child hears and listens to them and shares their experiences. And of course, every parent wants to learn how to better negotiate with their young one during conflict situations. So how do you do it and get it right? Let's figure it out!

Parenting is a very complex process. Many mothers and fathers ask one question: “How to be a parent without using shouting and punishments?” Most of them find it difficult to stay calm and contain their emotions when seeing their child’s bad behavior. However, it's even more painful to see when parents scream and punish a child for not listening to them.

Probably, many of us have seen situations where children play together amicably, but suddenly some quarrel happens. Children swear, scream, cry, and blame each other. Any adult will try to understand this situation, try to find out who is right or guilty, and then try to achieve the conciliation of both sides. Often, the instigator pleads guilty and apologizes. The other side, however, continues to be offended and does not want forgive the offender at all. They may leave the game and ignore the other child for a long time in order to demonstrate that they still having a bad feeling.

When we talk about raising children, every detail is important. Many people know that you need to pamper your child reasonably and you can’t put a strict limit on everything. Many parents do not think about the fact that when they are very strict in some moments and resist giving into the child, this can cause psychological trauma. 

All parents discuss, and many even argue about the early development of children. Some think that the sooner you start practicing, the better. Others are generally against early activities with children and believe that it is not necessary to rush this. Of course, every mum and dad wishes only the best for their child. 

Most of and maybe even every parent, has faced a situation where their child was not telling the truth. And they ask themselves: Why does their child deceive? What is this connected with?

Some communication problems with peers happens with both children and adults. If your child is having some communications problems then help from an adult is not just needed, but necessary. If a child successfully passes the period of socialization in their childhood, which is important for development and personal growth in general, their adult life will be much easier.

Each parent is faced with the fact that when they refuse one of their child’s requests, for example, buying a new toy, it is can lead to a response of screams, tears and tantrums. At these moments all you want is to minimize such scenes and scandals. In our article, we will figure out how parents should behave in these instances.

No two children are the same - everyone knows this. Some can easily approach other children and get to know them, they really like to make friends and play with others, but there are children who feel embarrassed to go up and talk with another child; they will stand aside and watch, because their shyness doesn’t allow them to take the first step.

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