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Every parent probably asks themselves this question: “At what age is it best to teach a child to read and how to start this process?” Some parents believe that the sooner to begin, the better. Others believe that they should not do this by themselves, let the teacher at school do this, and still others say that it is better not to rush. So what should be done in this situation? In this article we will try to understand this issue.

Most parents are faced with their children breaking toys. Of course, sometimes this can happen by accident. But what should you do if it always happens and it's done on purpose? How can you stop a child from breaking their toys in the right way? Should they be punished for doing this? In this article we will try to understand these issues and find the reasons why the child spoils things. We will figure out what parents should do in these cases.

At a time when mum and dad are busy with their own things, such as education, work, career, personal life and many other factors, the care of children falls on the grandmother’s shoulders. 

Many parents ask the question, why do their children argue? What should parents do during these quarrels? How should they behave and how can they prevent fights? In this article we will try to understand these issues.

Almost every child is faced with the problem of anxiety. Some children are more prone to worry than others. Anxiety appears when the child gets into a new situation, feels that they will have to face pain or feels separation from their parents, even for a while. 

Some parents believe that a child should be praised, others, on the contrary, believe that it is not necessary and this will only spoil them. Children must be praised. But, this should be fair and deserved.

Many parents at least once, are faced with the fact that their child does not feel the slightest desire to share their toys or food with others. This happens almost everywhere, for example: at home, the child does not want to share a toy with their brother or sister, in kindergarten, on the playground or at a party.

Many parents often notice that their children are biting their nails. This is a very common children’s habit. Of course, it does not look very nice. It looks even more repulsive when an adult does this.

Onychophagy is a mental disorder that is expressed as an uncontrollable desire to bite off the nail plate. Studies show that this habit is common among children of primary school age, most often among boys. In adolescence, almost half of all children have this bad habit.