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Some communication problems with peers happens with both children and adults. If your child is having some communications problems then help from an adult is not just needed, but necessary. If a child successfully passes the period of socialization in their childhood, which is important for development and personal growth in general, their adult life will be much easier.

Each parent is faced with the fact that when they refuse one of their child’s requests, for example, buying a new toy, it is can lead to a response of screams, tears and tantrums. At these moments all you want is to minimize such scenes and scandals. In our article, we will figure out how parents should behave in these instances.

No two children are the same - everyone knows this. Some can easily approach other children and get to know them, they really like to make friends and play with others, but there are children who feel embarrassed to go up and talk with another child; they will stand aside and watch, because their shyness doesn’t allow them to take the first step.

Probably, most parents sometimes encounter occasions when a children becomes stubborn. As the child is grows, they have already developed a certain temperament.

Painting is the very first, simple and affordable creative method of development that every child loves to do. This process is very important and necessary to increase children's intelligence. They do not need to be forced and persuaded to pick up paints, felt-tip pens or pencils, as children really enjoy doing this.

Every parent probably asks themselves this question: “At what age is it best to teach a child to read and how to start this process?” Some parents believe that the sooner to begin, the better. Others believe that they should not do this by themselves, let the teacher at school do this, and still others say that it is better not to rush. So what should be done in this situation? In this article we will try to understand this issue.

Most parents are faced with their children breaking toys. Of course, sometimes this can happen by accident. But what should you do if it always happens and it's done on purpose? How can you stop a child from breaking their toys in the right way? Should they be punished for doing this? In this article we will try to understand these issues and find the reasons why the child spoils things. We will figure out what parents should do in these cases.