What should parents do if their child is breaking toys?

child breaks their toysWhat should parents do if their child is breaking toys?

Most parents are faced with their children breaking toys. Of course, sometimes this can happen by accident. But what should you do if it always happens and it's done on purpose? How can you stop a child from breaking their toys in the right way? Should they be punished for doing this? In this article we will try to understand these issues and find the reasons why the child spoils things. We will figure out what parents should do in these cases.

There are several reasons why children begin to break their toys.

1. The child spoils toys which are not suitable for their age. Often children break toys because they don’t know how to play with them.

Often mums and dads make a mistake here, because they let their child choose their own toy. Parents are upset if they see that the toy is broken the next day. In this case, it would be better to buy a toy that is suitable for the child's age, so that the little one would be interested to play with, rather than break it. Do not scold the child for a broken toy that was not appropriate to their age, because it wasn't done purposefully, they simply did not understand what to do with it. Parents should not buy toys that are not suitable for their child’s age, especially if they are expensive.

Now, all toys are marked with the appropriate age, so it is easier for parents to choose the right toy. Do not scold or punish the child for a broken toy. Try to deal with this as calmly as possible, because children find it very painful to endure punishment. With these actions you could develop aggression and an aversion to games in general in your child. You just need to talk to your child. The conversation should be in a calm atmosphere, you should explain why it is not good to break and spoil toys.

2. Sometimes the toy does not live up to the expectations of the child. A child can break it on purpose, since they stopped liking it. Often this happens when the child chose a certain toy, and mum and dad bought a completely different one. In this case, parents need to be prepared for the fact that the unwanted toy they bought will be abandoned or broken in the near future. The child shows by these actions that they are unpleased with this purchase, and they want the toy that was their own choice. What to do in this a situation?

In this case, you should explain to your child that mum and dad bought the toy with loving intentions and they are very upset because it is broken. After your child has broken the toy parents shouldn't go to buy a new one straight away. Otherwise, your child will understand that after they ruin a toy, parents will buy a new one and these breakdowns will continue. Do not remove broken toys, leave them in front of the child. Soon, they will understand that a broken toy looks ugly and will stop breaking them. You should just calmly talk with your child that breaking toys is not good and possibly unsafe. There will be no toys left if they keep breaking them.

3. In the modern world there are a many children who can be over aggressive. Toys are constantly breaking, and the child's temperament can be the reason. A very active child who finds it difficult to sit in one place for a long time is easily annoyed and distracted. Most often these types of children do not break their toys intentionally, this happens during a very active game. What can parents do about this? It is imperative to pay attention to this and try to correct the child’s behavior. Never scold them. It can only aggravate the situation. Aggression will increase and your child may become isolated. Here we need a conversation about their action and explain to the child how to do it right.

Organize playing conditions for the your child so that their accumulated energy can be absorbed. It could be various sports activities or clubs, or perhaps you could hang a punch bag at your house and give your child boxing gloves?

If none of these methods help you, then you should seek help from a pediatric neurologist or psychologist.

4. The child could break their toys because they want to attract parental attention. In this situation, you should talk with them and find out what they would like to play with you. Try to spend as much time as possible with your child, they will be very happy to spend time together with you.

Through the joint games, your child will spend more time with parents and the atmosphere in the family will improve.

5. Excessive parental care or when your child is tired or sick or expressing anger - these are also other causes of broken toys.

Let’s summarize. If suddenly your child breaks a toy, do not punish them, but do not leave it unmentioned.

Do not buy toys that are not appropriate for your child’s age. Spend as much time as possible together as a family, create joint and active times together because the child will feel calm with their parents and parents can set an example for them.

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