Children’s clubs or sports activities: how can parents make the best choice?

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Football, martial arts, swimming, music school, theater, art or dance school. Which one to choose? Where should you take your child to develop their physical and intellectual abilities? Probably every parent faces these questions, because everyone is determined to give their child only the best. It’s impossible to develop everything in one moment, that’s why you need to choose and make the classes useful for your child.

When you start to choose a particular club or activity, in addition to things that you want, you need pay attention to the following conditions:
1. Consider first of all what it is that your child wants, even if they don’t like it later, nothing is lost. You will be sure that you have not missed the child’s talent in this area.
2. Pay attention to the abilities of the child. If they have a tendency towards some kind of activity, then you need to try develop this talent. If this doesn’t succeed, then do not force your child to continue. In the process of the development of children, the main thing is harmony.
3. Each parent understands that there is no need to make the child immediately join every club and activity available. It is best to start with one with that is regular and has soft requirements. If you see that the child is making progress, then you can increase requirements gradually.
4. When you start to choose a sports club for your child, be sure to go to the pediatrician's office to know about possible contraindications.
5. Choose a club that will be geographically close to your home. If you need to spend an hour or two travelling, it is better to find an alternative, as the child will be exhausted by the long journey.
6. Pay attention to the price. You should not pay a lot of money for classes when your child has not yet decided what they want to do. Look for mid-priced classes in children’s creativity clubs or kindergartens.
7. Most often, the first classes are held with parents, and if your child is shy, then begin classes where it is possible for mum or dad to stay until the child gets used to a new place. Also, you can gain an idea of the quality of work and the professionalism of the teacher and the general atmosphere of lessons.
8. It is preferable that within the group of children the difference in age is no more than 2 years.
Otherwise, the requirements will be too broad and may not be suitable.

Remember that all children are different and their nature is also different. When parents choose a particular activity –they need to pay attention to the temperament and characteristics of their child.

Some children are shy and not self-confident. Some children are suitable for sports clubs that are aimed at working as a team. These are such activities as football, hockey, volleyball and water polo clubs. This type of sports develop sociability in children. If the child doesn’t want to go to the club or school because of some kind of failure, you need to figure out this failure together and help them to overcome it.

There is another type of child who is very active and mobile. Many parents think that all clubs and schools are suitable for their children, that the main thing is for the child to release their energy, but this is a delusion. In this case, you need to pay a lot of attention to the choice of a certain place, which combines physical and intellectual load in equal measures. Active children are best suited to such activities as draughts or chess, drawing, modeling or designing. These activities make your child focus. Such exercises will reduce over excitability and will develop skills such as memory and concentration.

Physical activity, especially if it is excessive, is not the best choice for these children.

The third group of children is those who do not like to do sports, and yes, these children do actually exist. They love quiet games and activities. Many parents believe that in this case there is no need to insist on sports clubs. This is completely wrong. For these children suitable activities include swimming, climbing, children's fitness and dancing.

At what age is it best to send a child to various clubs and activities? The most optimal age is the period from three to five years. It is during this period that it is best to include new activities and daily routines, as well as observe your child’s reaction to new activities.

For preschool children, it is best to choose non-potentially traumatic sports. Useful activities for the development of the child will be such activities as drawing, modeling, origami, etc. These classes develop fine motor skills well. Theater, music classes and singing help to develop speech and communication skills. Dancing and rhythm will be useful for the development of hearing.

Whatever activity you choose for your child, remember that they should not be overloaded, they should have enough time for rest and play.

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