How should you wake up a child to avoid stress in the morning?

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Adults sometimes find it difficult to wake up in the morning. Some wake up immediately, while others, even if a cannon were to go off nearby, can’t wake up. The same applies to children. If you wake your child up, and they are grumpy and unpleasant with you, snapping and becoming hysterical- it means you are not waking your child properly. The child should have a daily regime. Thanks to a fixed routine, the child will have the right habits, they will suffer less from overwork and stress and will normally have be in a good mood. If the child goes to kindergarten, then the daily routine should be similar to that in the kindergarten schedule.

A child who follow a set routine has a good academic record.

There are several reasons why children do not want to get up in the morning:
- psychological reasons;
- if the house is cold (it is very obvious during the autumn-winter period, when there is no heating in the apartment yet and the child does not want to get out of a warm bed);
- the child wants to sleep a little longer and begins to be capricious.

What parents should do to avoid hysteria and caprices in the morning?

The most important thing to know is the child should go to bed between 19:00 - 21:30. Even at the weekend this schedule should be kept. The body of the child must rest during the day, which means that they need a break for sleep. If the child does not have a day sleep, then in the evening they need to go to bed an hour and a half earlier to avoid problems with getting up and falling asleep.

To avoid hysterics and scandals in the morning, it is best to wake up the child gradually, twice. The first time gently touching, kiss the child, rub gently on the head, ask what they dreamed about.

The second time is to turn on a soft light, a night lamp or a desk lamp, and when it is closer to the time to wake up, you can turn their favorite music or cartoon on at low volume, and later, you can turn on a brighter light.

Try to include the child’s favorite music every morning so they will know that it’s time to get up.

In order not to be in a rush when getting ready in the morning, try to prepare everything the evening before. Clean up their room and prepare the clothes that the child will wear the next morning. This is best done together with the child. If for some reason your child does not have breakfast in the kindergarten, then prepare a healthy and tasty breakfast for them. Do everything together, ask them to help you set the table and make the bed. In this way you will teach your child to work and organize things. To make the bathroom experience more pleasant, buy your child’s favorite toothpaste and fragrant-smelling soap.

The best way is to make getting ready a game. For example: whoever is the fastest and most accurately dressed will get a reward.

In order for the awakening to be calm, the child should get enough sleep. Take care that in the child’s bedroom the temperature is 20 degrees and humidity is from 50 - 70%. Ventilate the room often and wet clean. Mattress and bedding should be soft and comfortable.

Before bed, be sure to follow certain rituals: bathroom and bedtime stories while eliminating all the annoying factors. Turn on a soft light night lamp. Make sure that diet is correct. Before the child goes to bed, they should not be hungry, but not with a full stomach.

Before bed do not argue with your partner or punish the child. This can make the process of falling asleep longer. And remember, the more energy your child spends during the day, the calmer and stronger their sleep will be.
Introducing a child to an alarm clock is best after they have turned 8 years old. Since their nervous system is is still developing, it can be stressful for a child. The sudden sound of an alarm clock sharply interrupts the child’s sleep, and norepinephrine, a stress hormone, is produced in their body.

What you absolutely should not to do.

Avoid loud screams, sounds, aggression, abrupt waking up and bright light. Do not use a command voice. Do not get ready in a hurry.

Let's summarize a little. Follow the child's daily routine. Avoid sudden waking up. Wake the child up to 15 minutes early to give time to pamper in the bed. If your children get up in the morning without any problems, and they quickly get ready – the system of rewards always works. Praise you children for good behavior.

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