What is the correct way to wean a child from sleeping in the same bed with their parents?

child sleeps with parents

When a baby is born, parents have to think about where the baby is going to sleep. Options include in the same bed with their parents or in their own cot from the birth.

Psychologists say that when a child sleeps with their mother, that’s makes the child calmer and has a positive effect on the baby’s nervous system.

When a child sleeps next to their mother, then it will be comfortable for both of them. A baby sleeping with mum is much more comfortable than when sleeping on its own.

It makes the child feels protected. After all, for nine months the baby and mother were together, it was warm and comfortable beneath their mummy’s heart. Also, there is no need for the mother to get up with her baby several times a night. She will be able to get some sleep, and feeding on demand is very convenient when the newborn is close.

However, when the child becomes older and more independent and it is time for them to sleep separately in their cot, then it is possible for difficulties to arise.

How can a child become used to their own bed if there is no incentive to get out of their parents’ bed?

In order to avoid these problems, many consider it is better not to put the baby into your bed from the beginning. A child must sleep separately from birth.

There is a lot of controversy about this question.

What should we do and how should we deal with this issue in the best way?

For those parents who initially choose sleep-separation from their child, there is no need to look for an answer to this question.

If you have already decided that it is time for your child to be relocated to their own bed, then remember that this should be done in stages-the child should not feel big changes in their life.

The age that is recommended for moving children to their own bed is from 2 to 3 years old. At this age, children become more independent and more often they want to do everything by themselves. Mum and dad, during this period need to stay calm and patient. It is worth remembering that all children are different and the process goes differently for every child. Some children can throw tantrums and scream, while others can be a bit grumpy for a few days and then fall asleep quietly. Children are very good at manipulating their parents and it is very important to stand firm on your position.

How can you make this process less painful for your child?

As we mentioned above, gradualism is important. You could start by putting the crib next to your bed. You could remove one side of the crib from the start-the one between you and the child. In this case the baby is not sleeping with you in bed, but is still next to you. To make it easier for your baby to fall asleep, give them your hand to hold. It is also possible to place their favorite soft toy between yourself and them. Stay close until your baby falls asleep,. After a week or two, the cot can be moved away from your bed. Then begin to let to your child lay in their own bed for the daytime sleep. This will make it easier for them to get used to their new surroundings.

When you are training your child to sleep in their crib, talk to them gently and calmly. Do not shout. When the baby has learnt to sleep in their own bed, then the cot can be moved to their own room.

One of the methods of weaning a child from sleeping in the same bed with their parents is a soft toy. You can buy a toy backpack, in which you can then put a small heating bottle so that the baby feels warmth next to them. If the child already has one, then that's even better. You can put it in the crib.

If you decide to move the child into their own room, then its need to be properly equipped.

Do not hang mirrors in the children's room, because children can be afraid of the dark and the movements reflected in the mirror may scare the little ones. Choose wallpaper of light colors. You could also buy a new, exciting and comfortable bed for your child, for example, for a girl in the form of a carriage, and for a boy in the form of a racing car. Choose beautiful bedding, a night light and other furniture with the child.

It is important to always follow joint rituals before bedtime. For example, a relaxing bath, yoghurt before bedtime, brushing teeth, reading a bedtime story or listening to audio fairy tales. If the baby is afraid of the dark, then hang a night light with muted light.

What you should not do before bedtime:
· Before bedtime, remove all active games and TV.
· Do not offer sweets or sweet foods, optimal food should be 2 hours before bedtime.
· Juices, tea and other beverages can be replaced with chamomile tea.

The most important thing for parents is to be patient, be calm, consistent and hold strong. Then you will achieve your intended goal.

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