How to distract a child from using a tablet or phone?

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It is not a surprise for anyone, that in today's world, children are passionate about gadgets and phones. Children starting from a year old are watching cartoons on a tablet or phone with great pleasure and joy, and those who are a little older are easily able to turn on the music by themselves, find those cartoons or look through photos. However, all this fascination with gadgets can adversely affect children’s health.

What are the disadvantages of spending time with a tablet or phone?
- Addiction, which can appear very quickly.
- It is very difficult to explain to a young child that the tablet is harmful;
- Vision gets worse;
- It is impossible to control timing strictly. When the time allocated for using gadget comes to an end, the child doesn’t want to give back the tablet or phone and may end up hysterical;
- Children stop wanting to do other things, (for example: playing with their toys, building construction kits, drawing, sculpting, painting and reading).
- If the child is constantly on the phone or tablet without the supervision of an adult, they may accidentally go to harmful sites and communities.
- They lose their live connection with dad or mum.

To wean a child from this bad habit, the most important thing you can do it is to lead by your own example.

Children always copy the behavior of adults in every way of life. And if you are always with the phone in your hands buried in the screen and looking there with any reason or even without reason, then your child will copy the same model of behavior quickly. Try to get away from the phone, tablet or computer. Spend more time with the child.

Also, children aged 3-4 years can already be taken to help adults around the house or in the kitchen.

Do not use your phone or tablet for lunch or dinner, or when you are driving. Try to limit the amount of time you spend on a computer or tablet, even if you work at home.

If it is difficult to distract the child from gadgets, then try playing a game. Through games, children learn new knowledge and skills and how to be sociable and interact with others.

Children love to play. Offer them the chance to go to the park or play ball outside, go to the playground, ride a bike or roller skate. In winter you can go skating, skiing or sledding.

You can also invite your child to play board, intellectual or outdoor games. Make your child interested. It will be hard to refuse if the whole family are taking part in the game.

Another way to distract your child from games on the phone can be a joint pastime. For example, bake cookies or delicious muffins together. Children love to mess with dough and flour. Show them that in addition to phones and tablets, there are a lot of other interesting activities.

A lot of children use phones or watch cartoons on the tablet while they eating. If a child is sitting at the table with gadgets, then after a while, their eyesight and posture can deteriorate. It can also form negative eating habits.

Try to delay the moment when you give your child a tablet or phone. Children of preschool age do not need them at all. After they are five years old, you can sometimes watch good cartoons or educational videos. If a child has their own tablet, then leave educational programs and applications, such as the alphabet, riddles, learning to count, read, and the rest you can to block or delete. It makes the gadgets less attractive for your child and the time of use will be shorter.

Check the content your child is watching. Block all harmful sites by using a password. Also, be sure to monitor how the child sits when using a tablet or phone. Monitor the time, the lighting in the room and the brightness of the screen to reduce the likelihood of visual impairment or a harmful posture.

Since all these gadgets have entered our life and become an integral part of it, it is worth controlling and limiting the time spent using them, not only for children, but also for ourselves.

Spend more time with each other, not with tablets and phones!

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