What to do if your child is biting?

biting kid photoAlmost all parents are faced with the fact that their child is biting. When children begin to bite at the age of one-year-old, this can be explained by the fact that a child has teeth erupting and this is a way of exploring the world around them. But when a child is three to four years old and they bite, then this behavior should alert not only kindergarten workers, but also parents.

The reasons why children are biting.

1. The child is growing in a family where the atmosphere is not peaceful. Psychologists say that in families with strained relationships, misunderstanding reigns, there is no calmness and harmony, children are more likely to suffer from various disorders.

Kids are very sensitive to the mood and state of mind of their parents, especially their mothers.

2. The child is in pain or has allergic reactions. If a child has teeth being cut, milk teeth are changing to permanent ones, then they feel discomfort, and they want to scratch them, using everything. Also, the child may show aggression if they have any food allergies.

3. The child is hurt or angry. Often, children from lack of attention, affection and love begin to bite as they try to attract attention.

4. If the child is too restricted. If you constantly prohibit the child, it’s possible that their psyche may be injured and you could prevent the building of a healthy personality. If the child bites in this case, then it could be the child is trying to expel the emotions that have accumulated inside.

5. A child cannot express their feelings differently. Sometimes children bite not only when they are angry or hold a grudge against someone, it can also happen because of feelings of fear, love and excitement.

6. The child saw one of their peer’s bite and copied this bad example.

7. If the child is inactive, they can also start biting.

How parents can act in this situations, what is the best thing to do?

Before you are ready to wean the child from this problem you have to watch them. What situations and under what circumstances does it happens? If this happens in kindergarten, then ask educators to observe and help.

· Talk to the child and explain that people are not supposed to bite people. Tell them that such behavior is not acceptable in society. Ask the child not bite anymore. Do not forget about eye-to-eye contact. Make sure your eyes are at the level of your child’s eyes.
· If there is a tense atmosphere in the family, try to protect the child from scandals and quarrels, protect them from unnecessary grief and upheavals.
· Make sure that as often as possible you tell the child how much you love them.
· Consult a psychologist.
· Praise, kiss, and hug a child more often. Find out how the day went in kindergarten, what new things they learned, what hobbies they had.
· Spend more time with your child. This can be a trip to an amusement park, a walk to the park outside, a visit to a circus or a zoo.
· Less bans. Do not scold the child for a broken plate, spilled tea or a mess. Do not break the child's psyche because of paint on the walls. You can talk with a child in a relaxed atmosphere and tell them what does not makes you very happy with their behavior.
· Teach your child to express feelings and emotions correctly. Do not forget about a personal example, because children always copy the behavior of adults. Teach your child to express their emotions and feelings using words.
· If the child has bitten you, then you don’t need to bite them back. Then they can understand that it is unacceptable to bite even if they have been bitten.
· Don’t shout and never hit.
· If the child is very active, then you need to occupy them and help them to throw out all the accumulated energy somewhere. These activities could be: dancing, swimming, tennis, football, hockey, judo, acrobatics and many other sports. Offer your child the right to choose, so that they choose an activity by themselves.
· If you see that the child is starting to get angry, then change the type of activity to distract them.
· Make with your child a “Bitey doll” from some old mittens for a role-playing game. You can also come up with a story or a fairy tale about this Bitey.
· Play more with sand, water, sculpt with clay, blow up balloons, blow out soap bubbles, listen to pleasant and soothing music. And be closer to your child!

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