Why is it important to arrive at kindergarten on time?

arrive at kindergarten on time
Every day we are all in a hurry for many reasons: work, business, meetings, training and much more. Some people are regularly on time and some are constantly late. But what about children? Children live in their own world, where everything is different and the time they arrive to kindergarten is very important. After all, when the child is late, they miss a lot.

If a child is constantly late to kindergarten, then such behavior is quickly learnt by them and in the future, it will be difficult to wean them from the habit of always being late.

Those children who are regularly late are forced to be in a constant state of haste and fuss. Children always need much more time to wake up and to get ready to go than adults.

Children absorb everything, which means they will assimilate your lifestyle and regime. Accordingly, it follows that if you want your child to get used to being on time, then show them a good example.

Children love to meet together in the locker room, change clothes, share new experiences, and do exercises together. Do not deprive them of the opportunity to learn something interesting from their peers.

If the child is late for breakfast, then they miss a very important social skill - having breakfast with the other children. This is very important and useful. Children, when together, learn the rules of behavior at the table, how to carry away dishes after a meal by themselves and to help each other. Children are constantly learning and improving while watching each other.

Some parents take their children to outside activities, thereby missing a lot of interesting things.

Before the outside walk, children have classes such as physical education or music classes, classes in modeling or drawing, language development, or the English language. After all, it is in the morning that children have the highest brain and physical activity. And a few hours before playing outside, children can learn a lot, make many useful things and play with their friends.

If a child arrives just as the others are going for a walk, it means they comes much later than the others, therefore a child has got up late in the morning and it will be more difficult for them to fall asleep at a nap time.

One time delays exist where circumstances are unexpected and can’t be helped, and there are delays that are created by poorly organized system.

It is very important to build self-discipline for you and for your child, and then you will be able to eradicate constant delays. Be an example for your child, show control over yourself, try to keep your promises, try to always keep your home in order. Make a plan for yourself for the next day or week and try to follow this plan. Try to be disciplined and confirm this with your actions. If you succeed in keeping to your scheduled plan, then your child will also learn from you how to be disciplined. Try to keep the daily regime and teach the child and the other family members certain routines.

From the early morning, tune yourself and your child to a positive mindset. A small child always needs help from an adult, so draw a small timetable for them where all their daily activities will be visible. Then the child will know what things they need to do in the morning, just do not forget to supervise them doing their things.

Psychologists have conducted research and according to this, they recommend waking up about 20 - 30 minutes earlier than necessary, then you will have time and remove delays. Calculate your time in advance.

All morning activities take a lot of time. This is the reason why you are late for work, and the child misses breakfast in kindergarten.

To come to kindergarten on time, some things need to be done in advance. You will not spend so much time in the morning if some of things are prepared the evening before. Think ahead about the weather to ensure that warm clothes, rubber boots, a jacket and an umbrella are ready.

In the evening, you need to do all the necessary procedures: wash, cut nails, clean ears. These things take a lot of time. Prepare clothes for the child in the evening, check the integrity of the clothes, if you need to iron or wash something, try to do it in the evening. Prepare in advance removable or spare clothing for kindergarten, tights, socks, T-shirts, etc.

If the child is being stubborn and capricious, distract them to something interesting.

Be sure that you help the child if they need your help, do not rush them, encourage them when the child is behaving well and helping you.

Try to bring your children to our Kindergarten on time. By doing this, you will greatly facilitate the work of our specialists, and the day in kindergarten for your children will be more interesting and rewarding.

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