How do you stop a child from using bad words? If your child start to use a bad words.

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We all know that children are like sponges. They very quickly absorb all the information they hear. Almost definitely, most parents are faced with the fact that their children speak obscene words that they have heard from almost anywhere: at school, in the kindergarten, at home, on the street or on TV. Sometimes it is confusing, and mums and dads do not know how to react to this.

This article will try to help you and decide what to do and not do in such situations.

Why do children tend to repeat a bad words?
1. The child tries to copy and be like an adult.
2. Children do not understand the difference between words that are allowed to be spoken those and which is not.
3. Often, adults utter obscene words during an emotional outburst and children quickly memorize them, but the meanings of the words remain unclear for them.
4. Through the use of the unsuitable words, the child wants to attract attention.
5. A child may intentionally be obscene, for example, if they are upset or distressed, or offended by their parents or friends.
6. The child has already developed the habit of cursing through the use of swear words. If their surroundings include the use of obscene words, for example at home, in the kindergarten or at school, the child will quickly become used to it and will speak in the same way.
7. If parental care is excessive, then the child tries to assert themselves through the use of swear words.

What to do if the child expressions are obscene?
• Do not focus on the fact that the child has spoken a bad word, pretend that you did not notice anything. If you laugh, they will think that they have pleased you and this will happen again.
• Do not panic, but do not ignore it. It is important, without pressure, to talk to the child about the fact that these are ugly, bad words and that they are not spoken in your house.

• Find out the reason why the child has begun to use obscene words.
• You also need to find out what exactly this word means to the child. Most likely, you will not get an answer to this question. Here you can surprise them and ask why the child is using words that they do not know the meaning of. And if the child is old enough, you can explain the meaning of these words, although it sounds strange, it works.
• The most important thing is to be careful what you say. Children tend to imitate adults.
• Tell to your child about the good words people need to use to explain their emotions and feelings. Explain that only the people who do not know the right words use bad and ugly words in their speech, which means that they have a poor upbringing and weak imagination.
• Make up your own words with your child and it will not be necessary to repeat those other words.
• If a child uses obscene words because of your lack of attention, then it is necessary to correct and improve family relations.
• Read more books with your child: poems, tales, stories. Enrich and develop their vocabulary.
• Try to spend more time together, learn something new and interesting with them, draw, sculpt, play different and interesting games.
• If you show your child that you are squeamish about this words, then you can instill in the child a feeling of disgust for such words.
But what you should not to do:
• You do not need to punish your child.
• You cannot threaten the child and intimidate them!
• Do not shout!
• Do not argue and be harsh to others in front of children. Try to keep calm and be friendly.

The most important thing is to find and eliminate the cause of the appearance of bad words. Start with yourself, start watching your speech. If you express your emotions with obscene words, then it will be very difficult to explain to your child why they shouldn't say the same. Pay more attention to the child, participate in their life, learn about their experiences and problems, and what makes them worry. Your home should have a friendly and calm atmosphere, a spirit of love and care for each other. If your home environment does not include the use of obscene words, then your children will not use them. Tell to your children more often that you love them and use more beautiful words!

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