"Difficult Questions" How to handle those difficult (and sometimes embarrassing!) questions from your child.

difficult questions from kids photoSometimes children can ask questions that are really difficult for us to answer. If a child does not understand something, they feel free to ask adults about it. To be honest, sometimes children's questions make us blush! Sometimes we cannot answer a child’s question right away because we don’t know the best way to answer.

Here are some simple rules to help to navigate your way through such situations:

1. If the question took you by surprise, and you do not know what to say, ask for a bit of time to formulate your answer and be sure that you return to this conversation. If children don’t receive a response from parents, they will try to get it from peers or older children. In this case, the parents will no longer be able to influence what information the child receives and how it will reflect on their psyche.

2. Do not refuse to discuss what your child is asking about! By being open to dialogue with your child, you will maintain and strengthen the child’s confidence, and you will also be able to make your child’s acquaintance with the world much more gentle.

3. You do not have to tell them everything you know! Carefully choose the information that you think the child is ready for, according to your feelings. Even a short answer is sometimes enough.

4. Stay calm and emotionally neutral while speaking- even if you are troubled or annoyed by the subject of conversation. If you cannot stay in a neutral position, put the conversation on hold for a while. You must be ready for a proper dialogue with the child.

In the following posts we want to give you more detail about the most popular "difficult" questions and advise you on how to answer these questions from your child in the best possible way.

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