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Theme of the week: (April 8 - 12): Space

We are finishing the working week with a report about the most exciting activities of our students from the middle group.

So, the theme of the week was "Space".

What classes did our experienced teachers and caring educators create?

In literature classes, the children got to know the following books:

▪ “Four tales about planets”
▫ "The Tale of the Solar System"
▪ “Milky Way”
▫ "Grumpy brothers"

In the classes about the world around us, children played space sorter, and also studied the celestial bodies and found out facts about the Sun and the Moon.

During creative classes our young students modeled spacecraft and the solar system!

preschool space photo

preschool photo

Theme of the week: (April 1 - 5): We love fun!

So, what did the children from the older group do this week?

All week our student and staff here frolicked and laughed, because the theme of the last few days was: “We love fun!”

In creative activities, our students made a map of emotions using volumetric technology and created some funny collages.

During music and rhythms lessons, the children rehearsed their musical and dance numbers in preparation for the end of the academic year.

In experimentation classes, we figured out how to “measure” the mood of a person and we talked about the colors of mood.


moscow international preschool

Theme of the week: (March 25 - 29): Underwater world

In the middle group, children studied the topic of the underwater world.

In the music classes, the students along with the teacher Anton, learnt the songs:

- "Baby shark"
- "Slippery Fish on the Moon"
- "The Goldfish"
- "Under the Sea"
- "Sea Animals Names and Sounds"

They also developed a sense of rhythm and beat and rehearsed the numbers for the upcoming concert.

In classes with the speech therapists, students studied aquarium fish and have been doing finger exercises “lived and were burbot”.  

In experimentation, our young researchers discovered which objects sank and which remained on the surface.

Theme of the week international kindergarten

Theme of the week international preschool

Theme of the week: (March 18 - 22): Nature around us

Nature around us - this is theme of the week.

The children and everyone else were determined to try to attract the sun and warmer weather! 

During the lessons of music and rhythm, the students and their favorite music teacher Anton, will learn the songs, “I’m a Little Flower Pot” and “In the Garden.”

In creative activities, children will make lilies  using origami and will continue to learn finger drawing.

The most interesting part is experimentation. The children will plant seeds in pots and after will follow the process of plant growth.

theme of week

preschool theme nature

Theme of the week: (March 11 - 15): Feathered friends

Feathered friends in the Mipreschool environment.

We are going to tell you what we are talking about at the moment! 

All week the children from the older group have been getting acquainted with the world of birds.

They have been:

- Studying the life cycle of birds
Figuring out which birds should be considered wintering, and which ones are migratory; which are wild and which are domesticated.
Examining what they eat.
Listening to singing and bird sounds and trying to guess which species the sound belongs to.

All this is all was in theory. Our children love to learn everything in practice!

That is why in creative activities the students have made a collective collage and origami parrots. They also played a mobile game - “bird flight”. Laughter and chattering were heard even by passersby!

 birds theme preschool

paper birds kids photo

Theme of the week: (March 4 - 7): The portrait of my mum

“The portrait of my mum” in the Mipreschool.

The children spent the whole week under this motto to celebrate the eighth of March.

On this occasion, in the classes of The World Around Us, children studied women’s’ professions and became acquainted with the history of the celebration of International Women's Day in different countries of the world. 

During experimentation classes, our students discussed weather changes with the onset of spring (A real topic, isn't it!?)

And in their creative master class, our children made thematic crafts for the holiday in the shape of flowers using origami. Also, they dazzled with the stand they made for their mums jewelry from salt dough.

eighth of March at kindergarten photo

8 march preschool

Theme of the week: (February 4 - 8): Food Groups

Would you like to know what our students have been doing recently? We are happy to tell you!

Children from the middle group during the first days of February have been studying in detail the topic “Food Groups”.

In literature classes, students have become acquainted with fables and tales about the topic of food. As for Russian works, they read the fairy tales, "The Cock and the Bean Seeds" and "Porridge from the Ax". Concerning foreign literature, the children liked the story of the “The Gingerbread Man” the best.

In our English classes, the youngest students enhanced their vocabulary on the topic "Food". The children learned how to describe the different tastes of food and expressed their own taste preferences.

In our experimentation lessons, our researchers were enthusiastic during the sensory game of guessing smells. This type of activity has helped to develop their sense of smell.

Perhaps, after reading this information, you are all in need of a snack!

kid plate photo

kid at kindergarten photo

Theme of the week: (January 21 - 25): Funny Farm

What interesting things happened in the youngest children’s group recently?

"Funny Farm" – This was the theme of the week for the smallest members of Mipreschool.

All days long, children were making animals shapes and crafts, they sang about animals, read fairy tales about them and, of course, studied many English words on this topic.

In the developmental classes children were learning to love and respect their pets, and also learned to distinguish the animal sounds.

In the literature classes, children became acquainted with the fairy tales “Moo, Moo Brown Cow ”, “Have You Got Any Milk?” And “Chicken Ryaba”. Yes, our students get become familiar with foreign literature in the original language!

And in the creative classes they have been feeding pets.

kids counting photo

sheep by kids photo

kids feeding birds photo

Theme of the week: (December 17 - 21): Concept of time

Here is the final report from this year regarding the classes of Mipreschool students.

Last week our children studied the concept of time.

In their creative classes, the children, as part of a team made a magic clock. (Are you wondering what the magic was?)

In English classes, the younger group became acquainted with the different routines of the day. The students did their favorite finger gymnastics “Hickory-Dickory”, and also with their teacher Jason, asked the question: “what do the children do at different times of the day”

During the week in developmental activities included the children meeting the dwarf ‘Tik-Tak’ and guessed the answer to many riddles which were given by him.

That was a very interesting time for children and that is how we finished expiring 2018!

Concept of time moscow preschool

Theme of the week international kindergarten

English classes kids moscow

Theme of the week: (December 10 - 14): Eternal Winter

Time has flown and it’s already Friday!

This means that it’s time to summarise this week’s learning outcomes and tell you what interesting things the children have been doing.

Eternal Winter was the theme of the week for the older children.

In speech therapy classes the children built on their knowledge of winter and it’s features and also practised answering questions in complete sentences.

Especially informative during the week’s ‘Young Polymath’ lesson, was a study of the Northern Lights and how the people in the far north live in extreme conditions.

During experimentation classes children expanded their understanding of Arctic Animals and created a ‘Snow Strom’.

As always, we have presented to you just a small sample of the things we have been doing.

winter theme kids


winter kids photo