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Theme of the week: (May 13 - 17): Surrounding environment

The holidays are over, now it's time to dive into the working week.

What will our students be doing this week?

In the classroom with the speech therapist, they will be discussing cleanliness in their surrounding environment. Children will learn how to recycle rubbish (through games, of course) and will continue to develop their fine motor skills.

In English lessons, they will play the game “Simon says” and learn the song “Copy me do”.

And in creative activities, the students will make a picture-collage using a ripped paper technique.

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Theme of the week: (May 6 - 8): Lessons about bravery

Lessons about bravery in Mipreschool.

On the agenda this week are many interesting activities for our youngest group.

In literature classes, children will become acquainted with the following works:

- Danny and the Dinosaur
- "Three bears"
- Cat House
- Shells Rae, The Brave
- "Brave duckling"
- "Vaska"

Stories about knights and heroes, as well as a craft to help the development of fine motor skills in English classes.

Creative lessons will include modeling medals from salt dough.

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Theme of the week: (April 28 - 30): The opposites

Although this working week is short, we still need to tell you what the children from the younger group are going to do.

In the literature classes the children will learn the fairy tales "Under the Mushroom" and "Three Kittens".

In music classes, our students will prepare performances for the final event:

- "The Left vs. Right Song"
- "Open Shut Them"
"The opposites song"

And in sports activities, children will continue to develop a sustainable equilibrium with walking over a limited area by keeping the correct posture.

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Theme of the week: (April 22 - 26): Our little Friends - Pets

Hooray! The weekend is close.

We want to quickly share with you the story of how this working week was spent in the middle group at Mipreschool.

The children had many classes on the topic "Our little Friends - Pets"

During literary lessons, the students met with the following fairy tales and works:

- “About girl Masha”
"Cat and bird"
"Belligerent Jaco"

During the lessons about the world around us, the children talked about how to treat and take care of pets and shared what they know about the profession of a veterinarian.

Experimentation classes, as usual, were held with enthusiastic involvement. We conducted the experiment "Oxygen in Water" and discussed how fish live in an aquarium.

We also rehearsed performances for the end of year show.



Theme of the week: (April 22 - 26): Exotic and nocturnal animals

Exotic and nocturnal animals in Mipreschool.

No, we did not bring a kinkazh or a genet to the kindergarten. This is just the topic of the coming week for the older group.

In sports activities, the interesting game- “crocodile”  is waiting for our students. The children will act out the habits of animals and guess their name.

In creative classes, they will sculpt exotic animals from plasticine and model a paper giraffe. The results of the work will be available for you to see in the stories.

After that, in mathematics lessons, the children will become acquainted with the concept of "fluid volume" and the unit of measure "litre".

There will be some new knowledge to discover in experimentation classes. Our students and their favorite teacher will learn about the color and markings of different animals and find out how these colours help each of them in the wild.

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Theme of the week: (April 15 - 19): Shopping

Is anything good about Monday morning? In Mipreschool the answer is - YES.

Are there any of you who do not like to go shopping? We think that there is no-one!

This question is not random! It is the theme of the coming week for the older children “SHOPPING”.

That is why with the speech therapist they will play a fun game “In the store, what does the seller need? This type of interactive game is aimed at the development of visual perception and expansion of the vocabulary on the current topic.

Then, in literature classes, children will get to know such works as:

"The cake shop"
"Tricky seller"
"A friend in need"

In the classes about the world around us, the children will learn the currencies of different countries of the world.

During experimenting the students will study units of weight. We will weigh objects and learn how to measure weight.

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Theme of the week: (April 8 - 12): Space

We are finishing the working week with a report about the most exciting activities of our students from the middle group.

So, the theme of the week was "Space".

What classes did our experienced teachers and caring educators create?

In literature classes, the children got to know the following books:

▪ “Four tales about planets”
▫ "The Tale of the Solar System"
▪ “Milky Way”
▫ "Grumpy brothers"

In the classes about the world around us, children played space sorter, and also studied the celestial bodies and found out facts about the Sun and the Moon.

During creative classes our young students modeled spacecraft and the solar system!

preschool space photo

preschool photo

Theme of the week: (April 1 - 5): We love fun!

So, what did the children from the older group do this week?

All week our student and staff here frolicked and laughed, because the theme of the last few days was: “We love fun!”

In creative activities, our students made a map of emotions using volumetric technology and created some funny collages.

During music and rhythms lessons, the children rehearsed their musical and dance numbers in preparation for the end of the academic year.

In experimentation classes, we figured out how to “measure” the mood of a person and we talked about the colors of mood.


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Theme of the week: (March 25 - 29): Underwater world

In the middle group, children studied the topic of the underwater world.

In the music classes, the students along with the teacher Anton, learnt the songs:

- "Baby shark"
- "Slippery Fish on the Moon"
- "The Goldfish"
- "Under the Sea"
- "Sea Animals Names and Sounds"

They also developed a sense of rhythm and beat and rehearsed the numbers for the upcoming concert.

In classes with the speech therapists, students studied aquarium fish and have been doing finger exercises “lived and were burbot”.  

In experimentation, our young researchers discovered which objects sank and which remained on the surface.

Theme of the week international kindergarten

Theme of the week international preschool

Theme of the week: (March 18 - 22): Nature around us

Nature around us - this is theme of the week.

The children and everyone else were determined to try to attract the sun and warmer weather! 

During the lessons of music and rhythm, the students and their favorite music teacher Anton, will learn the songs, “I’m a Little Flower Pot” and “In the Garden.”

In creative activities, children will make lilies  using origami and will continue to learn finger drawing.

The most interesting part is experimentation. The children will plant seeds in pots and after will follow the process of plant growth.

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