A Child’s Life in MIP

Theme of the week: (December 3 - 7): World of Dinosaurs

What interesting things have been happening in the classes of children from the older group? 

During the past week, the children studied the "World of Dinosaurs" and found out about their different varieties and the habitat in which they lived.

The children learned about paleontologists and what happened during the Ice Age in the “Young Erudite” lesson. By the way, apparently, there is a favorite dinosaur cartoon for many students!

Also, during the lesson ‘Around the World’, the children studied dinosaur footprints and became acquainted with the theories of the extinction of these ancient animals.

Creative activities were especially fascinating for the children. They modeled the reptiles which they had studied before, using clothes-pegs and created a "dinosaur habitat" diorama.

It is possible that after taking part in such exciting activities and using all the interactive equipment (we will give you more details about this tomorrow), some of the children will want to become paleontologists!

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Theme of the week: (December 3 - 7): Winter and winter activities

This week the children have learnt a lot about winter and winter activities. The children read and listened to many stories and learned themed poems. First of all, these were the well-known “Frost”, “Toptyzhka” and “Children's Tale of Winter”.

Children were especially excited during science and experimentation classes. Children from the nursery group saw how snow and ice changed state, and when melted, they discussed why it shouldn't be eaten! After the research, they froze magic icicles.

During their favorite English classes, the children learned the names of the winter months and thematic words. The children also trained their fine motor skills-they dressed a cartoon boy for a winter walk (by gluing the missing elements to the picture). Through play, children quickly memorized new vocabulary.

These are all the interesting things our students have been doing this week!


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Theme of the week: (November 26 - 30): Good manners

We are eager to provide you with an update on the new knowledge and achievements of the students at our kindergarten.

Throughout the past week, children from the middle group have devoted their time to the study of a topic concerned with “Good manners.” After all, it is very important that, from the first years of a child’s life that they are taught how to have a proper conversation, to show respect to other people and to be friendly and polite. ⠀

The children also learnt about the history of Thanksgiving Day, and in which countries it is celebrated. Young scholars, with the involvement of their teacher, took part in a discussion and thought about the symbolism of this holiday.

The lesson with our speech therapist got the children very involved and interested. They were exploring articulation and taking part in finger gymnastics.

During the creative master-class the students made “Turkey puppet” and modeled fictional characters from salt dough. This was which intended to help them to remember to be polite.

Last week was a busy and successful week at MIPreschool!


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Theme of the week: (November 19 - 23): Mother's Day

Well, that Monday crept up on us quickly! That means it's time to tell you what Mipreschool students have been doing during the last week. Today we want to share with you the favorite activities from the older group children. As we all know, on November 25, we celebrated Mother's Day and this was the main theme of the week for all children in Mipreschool.

Our students made a lot of presents for their beloved mums during creative classes. Children drew flowers  and made crafts from felt and cards and other materials. During lessons about ‘The world around them,’ the children became acquainted with the traditions of Mother's Day celebrations in other countries.⠀During the English classes, our students have been talking about the ways in which they help their mothers and have also described how their mums look, and some of their favorite things.

Throughout the week, the touching atmosphere of love towards the mothers in our lives has filled the walls of our kindergarten! 


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Our 6th birthday

It was really hard to keep this a secret, but now is a good time to share this with you.

We’ve celebrated our 6th birthday as a preschool on the 27th of October. Unbelievable!

And because we decided to share this special moment with everyone, we organized a theatre play “Cipollino” for all of our children. This was such a real spectacle for everyone, including our staff members! Take a quick look at the photos below.  

It’s winter now!

This is the way we spend our time outdoors in winter!


Winter and winter activities at MIP.

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Open Day at Moscow International Preschool

Dear Parents!

We invite you to come to join us for an Open Day at MIP on 1 June, 2017, 11.00-13.00


This is a fantastic opportunity for you to join your little ones in exploring their new environment and getting to know our staff.  There will be the opportunity for your child to take part in a number of different activities.

open day


Planned Activities may include:


  • Workshops (English, Music, Arts and Crafts);
  • Quests and contests;
  • Board games;
  • Tasty treats;
  • A fun animation show;
  • Many more other interesting activities.


Great fun for everyone!


Free admission!


Please book early as places are limited.