Theme of the week: (April 22 - 26): Our little Friends - Pets

Hooray! The weekend is close.

We want to quickly share with you the story of how this working week was spent in the middle group at Mipreschool.

The children had many classes on the topic "Our little Friends - Pets"

During literary lessons, the students met with the following fairy tales and works:

- “About girl Masha”
"Cat and bird"
"Belligerent Jaco"

During the lessons about the world around us, the children talked about how to treat and take care of pets and shared what they know about the profession of a veterinarian.

Experimentation classes, as usual, were held with enthusiastic involvement. We conducted the experiment "Oxygen in Water" and discussed how fish live in an aquarium.

We also rehearsed performances for the end of year show.