Theme of the week: (April 22 - 26): Exotic and nocturnal animals

Exotic and nocturnal animals in Mipreschool.

No, we did not bring a kinkazh or a genet to the kindergarten. This is just the topic of the coming week for the older group.

In sports activities, the interesting game- “crocodile”  is waiting for our students. The children will act out the habits of animals and guess their name.

In creative classes, they will sculpt exotic animals from plasticine and model a paper giraffe. The results of the work will be available for you to see in the stories.

After that, in mathematics lessons, the children will become acquainted with the concept of "fluid volume" and the unit of measure "litre".

There will be some new knowledge to discover in experimentation classes. Our students and their favorite teacher will learn about the color and markings of different animals and find out how these colours help each of them in the wild.

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