Theme of the week: (April 15 - 19): Shopping

Is anything good about Monday morning? In Mipreschool the answer is - YES.

Are there any of you who do not like to go shopping? We think that there is no-one!

This question is not random! It is the theme of the coming week for the older children “SHOPPING”.

That is why with the speech therapist they will play a fun game “In the store, what does the seller need? This type of interactive game is aimed at the development of visual perception and expansion of the vocabulary on the current topic.

Then, in literature classes, children will get to know such works as:

"The cake shop"
"Tricky seller"
"A friend in need"

In the classes about the world around us, the children will learn the currencies of different countries of the world.

During experimenting the students will study units of weight. We will weigh objects and learn how to measure weight.

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