Theme of the week: (March 11 - 15): Feathered friends

Feathered friends in the Mipreschool environment.

We are going to tell you what we are talking about at the moment! 

All week the children from the older group have been getting acquainted with the world of birds.

They have been:

- Studying the life cycle of birds
Figuring out which birds should be considered wintering, and which ones are migratory; which are wild and which are domesticated.
Examining what they eat.
Listening to singing and bird sounds and trying to guess which species the sound belongs to.

All this is all was in theory. Our children love to learn everything in practice!

That is why in creative activities the students have made a collective collage and origami parrots. They also played a mobile game - “bird flight”. Laughter and chattering were heard even by passersby!

 birds theme preschool

paper birds kids photo