Theme of the week: (December 3 - 7): World of Dinosaurs

What interesting things have been happening in the classes of children from the older group? 

During the past week, the children studied the "World of Dinosaurs" and found out about their different varieties and the habitat in which they lived.

The children learned about paleontologists and what happened during the Ice Age in the “Young Erudite” lesson. By the way, apparently, there is a favorite dinosaur cartoon for many students!

Also, during the lesson ‘Around the World’, the children studied dinosaur footprints and became acquainted with the theories of the extinction of these ancient animals.

Creative activities were especially fascinating for the children. They modeled the reptiles which they had studied before, using clothes-pegs and created a "dinosaur habitat" diorama.

It is possible that after taking part in such exciting activities and using all the interactive equipment (we will give you more details about this tomorrow), some of the children will want to become paleontologists!

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