Theme of the week: (December 3 - 7): Winter and winter activities

This week the children have learnt a lot about winter and winter activities. The children read and listened to many stories and learned themed poems. First of all, these were the well-known “Frost”, “Toptyzhka” and “Children's Tale of Winter”.

Children were especially excited during science and experimentation classes. Children from the nursery group saw how snow and ice changed state, and when melted, they discussed why it shouldn't be eaten! After the research, they froze magic icicles.

During their favorite English classes, the children learned the names of the winter months and thematic words. The children also trained their fine motor skills-they dressed a cartoon boy for a winter walk (by gluing the missing elements to the picture). Through play, children quickly memorized new vocabulary.

These are all the interesting things our students have been doing this week!


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