Theme of the week: (November 26 - 30): Good manners

We are eager to provide you with an update on the new knowledge and achievements of the students at our kindergarten.

Throughout the past week, children from the middle group have devoted their time to the study of a topic concerned with “Good manners.” After all, it is very important that, from the first years of a child’s life that they are taught how to have a proper conversation, to show respect to other people and to be friendly and polite. ⠀

The children also learnt about the history of Thanksgiving Day, and in which countries it is celebrated. Young scholars, with the involvement of their teacher, took part in a discussion and thought about the symbolism of this holiday.

The lesson with our speech therapist got the children very involved and interested. They were exploring articulation and taking part in finger gymnastics.

During the creative master-class the students made “Turkey puppet” and modeled fictional characters from salt dough. This was which intended to help them to remember to be polite.

Last week was a busy and successful week at MIPreschool!


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