Theme of the week: (November 19 - 23): Mother's Day

Well, that Monday crept up on us quickly! That means it's time to tell you what Mipreschool students have been doing during the last week. Today we want to share with you the favorite activities from the older group children. As we all know, on November 25, we celebrated Mother's Day and this was the main theme of the week for all children in Mipreschool.

Our students made a lot of presents for their beloved mums during creative classes. Children drew flowers  and made crafts from felt and cards and other materials. During lessons about ‘The world around them,’ the children became acquainted with the traditions of Mother's Day celebrations in other countries.⠀During the English classes, our students have been talking about the ways in which they help their mothers and have also described how their mums look, and some of their favorite things.

Throughout the week, the touching atmosphere of love towards the mothers in our lives has filled the walls of our kindergarten! 


mother's day