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Summer Camp

Moscow International Summer Camp

summer camp moscow

How can you organize your preschooler’s holiday time this Summer so that your child can have a rest with great developmental benefits?

Enroll your child in the Summer Language Camp at Moscow International Preschool!

All the activities at MI Summer camp are planned according to a special summer approach that takes into account all the needs of children during the summer vacation. Consequently, the camp’s carefully designed program covers entertainment, cognition and development, contributing to the harmonious immersion of the child in a language environment and the gradual learning of new material.

Moscow International Summer Camp presents two programs for children:

"Summer Adventures" for children aged 2 - 3.5

"Summer Adventures" is aimed at toddlers, making their time spent at summer camp interesting and captivating.

Within the “Summer Adventures” program, children will head for the forest to get acquainted with its inhabitants, learn a lot of interesting facts about underwater life, observe the unusual world of insects and creepy crawlies, visit the flower kingdom, and many other interesting places. Fairy-tale characters will make the children’s journey easy, at the same time teaching them to appreciate the beauty of the world around them.

Activities include modeling, designing and drawing, helping children to develop both their motor skills and creative development.  Fascinating experiments will help children to become young scientists, while, exciting games and outdoor activities will help to strengthen the developing body of your child!


4 - 9 June Summer Has Come
13 - 15 June Rainbow World
18 - 22 June Travelling: Choo-choo!
25 - 29 June Sand and Sun and Lots of Fun: at the Beach


2 – 6 July Roses are Red: Flowers and Plants Kingdom
9 – 13 July What is in the Grass: Itsy Bitsy Spider
16 – 20 July Butterflies and Other Creatures
23 – 27 July Round and Round the Garden


30 – 3 August Fruit and Vegetables
6 – 10 August In the Playground with my Friends
13 – 17 August Ten Little Monkeys: a Visit to a Zoo
20 – 24 August Our Little Friends: Pets
27 – 31 August The Other Day I Met a Bear: in the Woods

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«Around the World in 90 Days» for children aged 4 - 7

"Around the World in 90 Days" is an ideal program for curious and restless preschoolers who are ready to discover new continents and countries, learn to work with an atlas and maps, become acquainted with the flags of countries and broaden their understanding of the world.

The children as “little travelers" will become immersed in exciting adventures while travelling to different countries, collecting interesting notes and photos about new places while investigating their traditions, cultures, environments, wildlife and cuisine before arranging them in the form of a Traveler's Diary.

Children will take part in creative and intellectual development classes, experimenting, literary workshops and other interesting classes and exciting games aimed at socialization. Coupled with exciting outdoor activities and quests, your child interest and enthusiasm will be maintained. Each day in the camp is carefully planned from morning till night, creating opportunities for excitement while leaving time for a quiet reflection and opportunities to share impressions with new friends!


4 – 9 June Where did Tsars Live? Russia
13 – 15 June Pyramids: Egypt
18 – 22 June Fabulous Safari: Africa
25 – 29 June The Land of the Rising Sun and Samurai: Japan


2 – 6 July Disneyland: France
9 – 13 July Chasing a Dragon: China
16 – 20 July Welcome to the Kingdom: The UK
23 – 27 July Taste and Smell: Italy


30 – 3 August Endless Winter: Antarctica
6 – 10August The Land of Lemurs: Madagascar
13 – 17 August Cowboys and Indians: America
20 – 24 August A Touch of Music: Spain
27 – 31 August What is Carried in a Pouch: Australia

Moscow International Summer Camp will provide your child with the opportunity to relax while gaining the benefit of learning interesting new things, making small discoveries, developing new friendships, creating and developing their imagination in a Bilingual (Russian and English) environment.

city camp moscow

Moscow International Summer Camp is

bilingual camp moscowsummer campfull time camp moscowmoscow camp

Bilingual curriculum

Your child will have a great time at MI Summer Camp which has been developed in accordance with the international MIPC program, which includes educational and sensory activities in English and Russian and pays special attention to the physical and psychological development of a child.

Adapted Summer program

The Summer Camp Program takes into account the needs of the child during the summer period, reducing stress and providing active, structured pastimes.

Full time supervision

We understand the importance of your child’s safety and the need to keep them in a controlled environment which is why we have designed a City orientated camp with activities taking place during daylight hours.

A happy child

Friends from all over the world, fascinating classes, a safe developing environment, a child-centered approach and experienced teachers and supervisors will make your child’s stay at the summer camp comfortable and enjoyable!

Summer Camp Program begins on 1st June

Summer Camp Program begins on 4th June





Full time (four meals daily)

Part-time (half-day, two meals daily)

1 day

4000 rub.

3000 rub.

1 week

15000 rub.

10000 rub.


25000 rub.

18000 rub.

1 month

45000 rub.

35000 rub.

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