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International Kindergarten       Open hours: Mon-Fri 8.00-19.00

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Weekend Nursery and Preschool Group

Moscow International Preschool is enrolling children aged 3.5-5 (nursery) and 5-7 (preschool)

in the “IQ- Child” weekend program.

A child’s development and its promotion are one of the most important issue nowadays.

Of course, there are a lot of center-based activities. However, transporting your child from one activity to another is both time consuming and tiring for all concerned.

So, to make things much more convenient for parents and children, MIP has combined separate stimulating activities into a holistic program of weekend kindergarten to meet all the intellectual needs of children. Parents who work during the week have opportunity to make the most of their precious weekends, while their kids are stimulated and supervised by reliable team of teachers.

What is the “IQ Child” weekend program?

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A Holistic approach to the development of your child

Two age groups: nursery (3,5–5) and

preschool (5-7)

Child-centered approach

Extra free time at weekends

English, Arts and Crafts, experimenting and cognitive activities based on an international curriculum all under one roof – Moscow International Preschool

Socialization among peers in groups of up to 10 children.

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Your child will always be supervised by experienced teachers who pay a careful attention to every child and communicate with them in English.

Classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays and last 4 hours.

Who is the program for?

  • For curious children aged 3.5 to 7;
  • For smart children who want to enlarge their knowledge;
  • For those who really want to learn more;
  • For those who want to improve current knowledge
  • For those who attend state kindergarten, and want to join in and develop according to modern European standards!

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Limited enrollment

What is included?

Classes are held once at weekends - on Saturdays or Sundays (optional) for 4 hours and are divided into 4 areas: Art, Intellectual development, Experimenting and English with planned breaks for games and communication with new friends.

Weekend Nursery Moscow


The Art block comprises traditional and non-traditional drawing techniques (drawing on glass and mirrors, drawing on ice, drawing with balls, dimensional painting etc.), cut-and-paste mosaics, Plasticine and salt dough moulding, modeling and designing with natural materials, 3D plastic modeling

Each lesson is a new project, contributing to the development of thinking skills, imagination, formation of aesthetics, motor skills and sensory skills.


Experimenting activities are one of the developmental blocks of the comprehensive program, enabling children to learn about the world and physical phenomena.


Children are always full of questions such as ‘why’ and ‘how’ we aim to answer some of these questions through experimentation.  Exciting experiments are both interesting and informative: they help to accumulate practical experience both useful and necessary in the future. Easy but amazing and evocative, they are able not only to diversify the leisure interests of a child, but will allow them to look at familiar things in a completely different way, discovering their properties, functions and purpose.

Weekend Preschool Moscow
Weekend Preschool for expats Moscow


The language block covers thematic everyday vocabulary and letters, fascinating tasks, familiarizing with language through English songs, chants and nursery rhymes, tales, dramatization and acting out everyday situations. From lesson to lesson, the children will gradually develop their understanding of English and respond to simple requests and questions. Children will take part in many interesting cognitive activities involving the interactive whiteboard and interactive table. What is more, the teacher communicates with children only in English using pictures, video clips, facial expressions and gestures, so children have no difficulties with understanding.

Intellectual Development

The Intellectual block is represented by developmental cognitive activities. Children will be able to find answers to all the questions that puzzle them, get acquainted with new objects from everyday life and learn their purpose.  They will find out what hieroglyphs are and how to write their names using them, become acquainted with pirate language, explore underwater, climb high mountains, meet night animals and the way they live, and also learn a lot of interesting and surprising facts about the surrounding world. Within this block, children are also expected to do logical activities aimed at stimulating thinking skills.

Weekend Nursery for expats Moscow


Prices and schedule


Day of the week



Single attendance

Monthly subsciption (4 weeks)


4 hours

10:00 - 14:00

15:00 - 19:00

3000 rub.

9900 rub.


4 hours

10:00 - 14:00

15:00 - 19:00

3000 rub.

9900 rub.


Schedule a trial session for free

on upcoming Saturday at 10.00


Sessions are based at Moscow International Preschool

on Vernadsky Prospect

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