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Full-time                                   73 Udal’tsova str.

International Kindergarten       Open hours: Mon-Fri 8.00-19.00

   on Prospect Vernadskogo        Applications are accepted daily

from 8.00 to 21.00

Adaptation to kindergarten

Comfortable adaptation to kindergarten program for children aged 1 to 2  "Mother and Baby"

at Moscow International Preschool on Vernadsky Prospekt

A new program of early development at Moscow International Preschool is aimed at children aged 1 to 2 and combines comprehensive development and comfortable adaptation of toddlers to kindergarten, where special attention is paid to the development of child's emotional intelligence.


Classes are built on step-by-step principle and pass dynamically, without physical and mental overload. Physical activities are mixed with mental ones, with repeated components, so that children can recognize them and feel comfortable. We want toddlers to learn about the world in all its diversity.

Kindergarten adaptation program "Mother and Baby" is

Adaptation to kindergartenAdaptation to kindergarten moscowAdaptation to kindergarten for expatsAdaptation to preschool

Comprehensive development of your child

Mini age group (1-2 years old)

Mother is always nearby

Cognitive learning through games

An integrated course aimed at the development of motor skills, coordination, memory, attention, thinking skills, development speech and of basic maths skills (size, shape etc.).

Your child will socialize only with peers, and all classes are held in mini-groups of up to 6 children, so that each child can be given proper attention.

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Our program helps children develop without breaking emotional ties with their mothers, that is why Mothers are as active participants in the cognitive-developmental program as their babies.

Lessons based on imitation make it possible to attract and maintain a child’s attention easily, contributing to the development of the baby unassumingly.

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Limited enrollment

What is included?

Classes are held once at weekends - on Saturdays or Sundays (optional) for 4 hours and are divided into 4 areas: Art, Intellectual development, Experimenting and English with planned breaks for games and communication with new friends.

Adaptation to kindergarten moscow

Musical fitness block: the development of coordination and spatial awareness of a child through ball games, passing obstacles with the assistance of an adult; listening to songs and imitating simple movements; different objects manipulation etc.

Art-block: includes the basics of modeling, cut-and-paste activities, working with plasticine, drawing by traditional and non-traditional techniques and the development of tactile sense through various materials and their properties.

Adaptation to kindergarten west district
Adaptation to preschool moscow

Multi-sensory and Motor Skills block: includes sorting natural materials, acquaintance with color and size, the tangible properties of objects, finger play, tactile perception of surfaces and materials, perception of color, sound and basic ideas about objects.

Cognitive block: helps children to become acquainted with the surrounding world through games and tales, puzzles, toy frames and aims to develop and enrich thematic vocabulary and improve children’s speaking skills.

Adaptation to kindergarten

The program results in the comprehensive harmonious development of a child and the achievement of psychological comfort for both children and parents when being enrolled in kindergarten, allowing the adaption of a child to kindergarten routine gradually.

Advantages of the program:

  • an exciting program designed specifically for toddlers;

  • classes are held by experienced teachers who create a warm, friendly and comfortable atmosphere and treat children with love, joy and a positivity;

  • the program is carried out in small groups - an excellent opportunity for toddlers to socialize with peers;

  • comfortable number of children in groups - not more than 6 – allows each child to receive the individual attention they require;

  • opportunity to join the group at any time;

  • Mothers are also active participants of the program: this provides psychological comfort for toddlers when their mothers are in sight and the opportunity for Mothers to see how their babies develop and participate in the process!

  • dynamic and diverse lessons: the duration of every block within the lesson is 5-10 minutes, so that children can learn something new, obtain new skills and enjoy the activity without becoming tired;

  • a safe developmental environment and early-age oriented teaching materials and educational games.


Prices and schedule

Day of the week

Time and duration




10.00 – 11.00

11.00 – 12.00

15.00 – 16.00

16.00 – 17.00


6000 rub./8 sessions

Schedule a trial session for free

on upcoming Saturday at 10.00


Sessions are based at Moscow International Preschool

on Vernadsky Prospect

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