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Full-time                                   73 Udal’tsova str.

International Kindergarten       Open hours: Mon-Fri 8.00-19.00

   on Prospect Vernadskogo        Applications are accepted daily

from 8.00 to 21.00

Getting ready for Russian school

The experienced and attentive teachers of Moscow International Preschool will carefully prepare your child for school, making learning fun! Well-structured lessons with a wide variety of activities for children are introduced to establish an important and extensive foundation for primary school and will increase children’s confidence in their abilities.

Classes include:

  1. Maths;
  2. Literacy and writing;
  3. Environmental Studies;
  4. English.

The course is aimed at building writing skills, reading, numeracy, mathematical concepts and literacy; language and communication skills; fine motor skills; logical abilities; attention, thinking and memory; social and emotional development and successful school adaptation.

It focuses on the successful transition of children into primary school enabling them to be able to analyze, compare and synthesize concepts; to read Russian; retell texts; describe pictures, to write Russian words and sentences; to understand the simplest Russian speech; to numeral identification numerals, counting and other maths concepts, to become spatially aware, to focus on material easily; to do simple, compound, logical tasks; to memorize words, texts and drawings; to comprehend reading, to express thoughts, etc.

Complex techniques, consistent training, entertaining tasks and exciting exercises will provide quality school training for your child and will guarantee a successful enrollment to primary schools of all levels, both classical Russian and international.

Our main task is not only to create the foundation skills of a child necessary to meet school expectations but to help a child to mature emotionally, socially and psychologically, to overcome their fears and reduce stress before entering school, making the transition comfortable and easy!

A qualified psychologist and a speech therapist are always ready to help your child.

Course schedule:

9 months training: October-June

3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

14.00 – 18.00


The course fee is 30 thousand rubles/month. Just before the end of this week you can get a discount 5000 rubles per month of study for the entire year!