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Full-time                                   73 Udal’tsova str.

International Kindergarten       Open hours: Mon-Fri 8.00-19.00

   on Prospect Vernadskogo        Applications are accepted daily

from 8.00 to 21.00

Pre-nursery Department

Welcome to pre-nursery for toddlers aged 2 to 3.5 years at Moscow International Preschool

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Our three main principles of efficient education process are:

Holistic education

The main aim when implementing our own international curriculum (MIPC) is to provide children with a variety of developmental activities. The curriculum has numerous interactive lessons, sensory tasks, educational and cognitive activities, physical exercises and active games. We are convinced that the holistic and comprehensive development of a child at an early age ensures a quality education and the successful formation of their personality.

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Bilingual education

Child development and educational activities are conducted by native English teachers. The most effective way of learning foreign languages is through immersion. There are many expat children among our pupils, that’s why all the children choose English as means of communication, practicing it every day.

Child-centered approach

We take into account the individuality of every child who comes to our pre-nursery for the first time and try to make their first socialization experience a successful one. We realize how important that first experience outside of the home environment is, and that is why try to make it as a positive experience as possible. Our experienced teachers pay great attention to all aspects of a child’s personal development and education in order to create a positive attitude towards their surroundings and the learning process.

Why to choose us:

  • Our graduates succeed in entering both international primary schools and classical Russian schools. Children are fully prepared both emotionally and academically to meet school expectations. The experience we give our children provides the foundation for the skills children need to thrive at school.
  • A child becomes a whole person, gains responsibility and is able to make decisions independently.
  • A child can easily interact with his/her peers, through improved communication skills.
  • Children broaden their personal enrichment, develop command of vocabulary and have a large set of useful skills.
  • Children are able to see the world in all its diversity.

Pre-nursery Department of Moscow International Preschool provides:


  • a new educational unit, created in 2016 specifically for the needs of pre-nursery age group;
  • children with a bilingual education based on MIP Curriculum;
  • four meals daily;
  • naptime;
  • structured outdoor activities.
  • a safe environment.

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Moscow International Preschool is licensed with the Ministry of Education of Moscow.